Metrosexual – a Fedora Isn’t Simply Placed On Your Head [opinion]

After knowing what they are, now we are set to getting it right with the fedora, right?

Let us remember that these are practical, classy hats that look clean-cut and smart on either men or women – you do not want to kill that tagline when you wear one and come off as clumsy and lousy. Wearing a fedora, we are told, has a lot to do with having the right attitude. It gives you an extra ounce in your bounce and should bring out a you that many would miss if it were not on your head.

But do all fedoras give the same look to every head and face? Heavens no! Like shoes, there is a wide variety, even within your size, that good care ought to be taken while choosing what is best for you! With the fedoras, the first consideration when buying one is size. Getting one that covers the ears, squeezes the head or leaves a mark is a faux pas.

But it is also a versatile dress item where the wearer can go all out to choose the best style and colour that suits their personality. The hat must match the wearer. A big man with a small hat would just look as silly as the same guy driving a Vitz! And if you want to go formal in a fedora, it must also match the rest of the outfit so, the wearer’s taste in clothes is definitely relevant to hat choice.

Then there is the shape of your face to consider too. These are the standard rules, boys!

Round or square face, choose a fedora with a taller crown the opposite applies. If you go for a tall crown hat and you have the long face, don’t frown if you are called an alien. Of course, there is no rule preventing a person from buying multiple fedoras to go with different outfits and occasions.

Let us also note that having a fedora is not an end in itself you need to know just how to wear it. And wearing a hat is not simply placing it on your head. For example, when wearing your fedora with formal attire, position it straight on your head. The hat should be centred on your head, and the brim should be parallel with your eyebrows and perpendicular to the bridge of your nose.

The brim of the hat should also tip down no further than your eyebrows. Yeah, sounds like Uneb instructions! But of course I know few of you would wear a hat as part of formal wear, unless of course you are out to kuhingira your daughter and want to pull off a mzee look.

But for the most part, we love fedoras for their causal look and on this, the rules are malleable, but we are aised to cock it to one side or try tipping it upward and exposing part of your forehead. You can match it with any casual look ranging from graphic T-shirts and your favourite pair of jeans and canvas sneakers or sandals to a bright T-shirt or polo shirt and cargo shorts.

And if you choose to get you a plaid, checkered stripes or bright-coloured one, it invariably becomes the focal point of your outfit. Just match it with a plain-coloured T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. On cold days, add a scarf that matches and you are good to go! So, what happens when the damn thing gets dirty?

Aha, subject for next week – how to care for the fedora!

Source : The Observer

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