Merry Christmas

It was way after 10pm and the younger child hadn’t slept. Being holiday time he deserved to be awake until he dropped off out of exhaustion.

I normally let them- be during the holiday because the school term alone is quite overwhelming and there’s not much time to merely be. But for this particular evening I wished he wasn’t waiting up this long.

I had had a busy week and day and I was pretty exhausted. Christmas was quickly approaching and I hadn’t put up the Christmas tree in the house yet and I wanted to do it as a surprise for the children. Finally I convinced the young man to go and sleep and I quickly pulled out the old tree and went about setting it up as fast as I could bring my tired self to.

Years ago I wouldn’t have minded whether there was a Christmas tree in the house or not and that was not because I didn’t believe in Christmas. I believed and I continue to believe in Christ who for me is the very reason and essence of Christmas.

What I don’t subscribe to however is the commercialisation and the capitalist spirit that surrounds Christmas. I also know that generally we all like to see and grab opportunities and Christmas as a season is one such opportunity for many to make a sell every year. It’s funny but at Christmas everyone is eager to spend with reckless abandon.

Somehow, we all appear to throw all caution to the wind and suddenly it is okay to buy so much meat and so much alcohol. The happy buyers and even happier sellers all go about the season with glee as merchandise changes hands. At Christmas we do all the entertainment and merry making. Sometimes it’s like there’s a competition as to who would spend more.

I look at Christmas and many times I’m as amazed as I am alarmed. I look at how we so quickly do everything else except remember why we even celebrate the season. The truth is aside from a much needed break from work and school, Christmas is much more than the sale and purchase of holiday gifts and singing Christmas carols.

I remind myself that Christmas has it’s bearing in the remembrance that one time a Saviour called Christ was born so we mere mortals could find salvation and meaning to life.

I remind myself not to only be merry but to critically look at myself and evaluate. Am I really celebrating Christ who is the reason for the season?
Sadly, many times I’m not anywhere close.
Merry Christmas

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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