Mengo Hospital Sued Over Dead Baby

A couple has sued Mengo hospital for neglect and causing the death of their newborn baby. In a suit filed in High court on Monday, Shamim Kigongo and Twaha Mugambe claim that hospital staff inflicted a deep cut on their baby’s forehead, causing severe loss of blood and death.

Through Rwakafuuzi and Company Aocates, the couple claims that on December 14, 2014, Kigongo was admitted to the hospital’s labour ward, with doctors later deciding on a caesarean section.

“In the operating theatre, the first plaintiff [Kigongo] was administered with local anesthesia, which assisted to dull the pain of the operation but allowed her to see and understand everything that was going on,” the plaint says.

According to the couple, a one Dr Kasaada, who conducted the operation, directed one of the nurses to clean the baby. But when a nurse began cleaning the baby, she shouted that the baby had a deep wound on the forehead and was losing blood.

“Immediately the first plaintiff [Kigongo] saw the nurses taking the baby away and then heard the nurses shout that they needed blood from Nakasero blood bank for transfusion,” the plaint reads further.

According to the plaint, when Kigongo asked about the baby, she was assured it was doing well in the nursery. However, on December 15, 2014, Kigongo was told by a nurse that her baby had been rushed to Mulago national referral hospital for further management. Kigongo’s sister-in-law, Zaidah Nakato, would later tell her that the baby was pronounced dead on arrival at Mulago.

“… That the defendants’ [Mengo hospital] nurses were blamed by Mulago medics for not putting the baby on oxygen while on their way to Mulago hospital… ” the plaint reads.

Dr Martha Namusobya of Mulago hospital, officially informed Kigongo that the baby had died from severe anemia, respiratory distress syndrome and severe birth asphyxia.

Kigongo was reportedly discharged on the same day and met the hospital director, who offered a verbal apology and waived the hospital bills. In the suit, the couple wants Shs 150m in compensation for the loss of their baby.

Source : The Observer


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