Men Should Take Skin Care Seriously

You have all heard the metaphor, “You have a thick skin.”

Well, metaphorically, this refers to one’s ability to accept criticism and not take things too personally. But physiologically, the same can be said about our skins as men, compared to that of women. We have thicker skins than them – scientific fact!

“On average, men’s skin is about 20 to 30 per cent thicker than women’s” says an online report, adding, “But that isn’t the only way that men’s skin is different. It also contains more collagen and elastin, which gives the skin more elasticity and helps hold it tighter. In addition, hormones like testosterone affect the skin. Men are also hairier than women (especially on their faces), and hair glands produce oil, which affects skin composition.”

And yet, men don’t spend a lot of time worrying about skin care. In fact, one research suggests that only one-quarter of men currently use any facial cleanser, moisturiser, or other skin product. Most just splash some water on their face, shave, and go about their business.

I even know some who will only accidentally bump into their image in the mirror, but not deliberately go before it to check out how they look before getting out of the house. That is most men for you. But maybe we should think twice about what maltreatment we subject our faces to.

While men don’t go through the elaborate skin care rituals that women do, there are products you can use and steps you can take that will protect and nourish your skin, keeping it looking younger for longer. But I am afraid, I won’t get down to brands and all, lest I am accused of marketing one product against the other, but dermatologists could be of help or the guylady in a cosmetics shop. And it is not that there are so many brands that you will be lost for choice.

Well, I have also heard some ask, why should men purchase their own moisturiser when they can just swipe some from their wives or girlfriends? The question is valid, after all, in many cases men and women’s moisturisers are the same products, only repackaged.

But men’s bodies – including the skin – are much different from women’s and a lotion that works for your wife or girlfriend might not be the best fit for you. Also, many women’s lotions contain fragrances that are, well, ladylike. You do not want to move around smelling all too feminine you will get heads turning, but I cannot guarantee the kind of stares you will receive.

Because men have thicker skin and bigger, oil-producing pores, their skin requires moisturisers that are formulated specifically for them. In most cases, moisturisers for men have higher concentrations of active ingredients.

Yes, traditionally the stereotype is that a man must be rough and rugged to the skin but flakes peeling off one’s skin is not a cool sight on a man. Well, the face may come off fine without much need for moisturisers, but ever taken keen look at the legs and arms? We cover them all the time in trousers and long sleeved shirts, but like it is said, the devil is in the detail. A keen look at the ankles and elbows show a desolate picture one that could be avoided.

It is true for men as it is for women that indeed, beauty is only skin deep – reason why it should be taken good care of beyond a simple splash of water and aftershave balm. Education is another difference between men and women when it comes to skin care. Although it has become more accepted in recent years, many men are still less likely to devote much time or energy into skin care treatment.

Source : The Observer

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