Men Are Truly the Three Blind Mice

There is that nursery rhyme about the three blind mice that ran after the farmer’s wife and lost their tails to her carving knife… it didn’t make sense when I was six and it still doesn’t, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I first heard one of your specie comment on how Leah Kalanguka is undeserving of the Miss Uganda crown.

Blind mice. Blind men. Same difference.

When will you learn that when it comes to discerning beauty, you are no good? When your mother asks you to bring that girl home, or at least get your sisters, aunt or some other female to meet her ASAP, it is only because they do not trust your judgment. And the report back to camp usually goes something like “She is pretty but… ” That is where beauty is discussed.

On your part, you saw the big hair, the flawless make-up, a studio picture and long legs and your brain stopped. Whatever it is that first attracts you to a woman literally throws a spanner into your brain works. This does not mean that you are always wrong, only that you cannot be trusted to come to rational conclusions because what you see is not always what is.

This one guy was so crazy about some girl who had a lovely afro. He raved about her hair and how she was true to her African roots and how much he respected that. Then she turned up for a date with flowing long hair. He was confused. How could she perm her afro?! The afro was a wig as was the back-length hair. After that, he watched her from the corner of his eye, like he was waiting for something else to metamorphose.

Humans are masters of disguise. We never know with people. But why then are we so quick to judge on physical appearance, and harshly so? One would think that humanity should have already figured out that the physical is rarely true, not least because it doesn’t last.

I have two bones to pick on that note. One, while you guys require us to be perfectly pretty and in shape forever, it seems just right for you to age and lose shape. Should we dare embrace nature, you feel justified to find the next best thing. What if the tables were turned and every man who developed a beer or matooke gut was ditched for an aerobics instructor?

Second bone: when you make it clear to a girl that her looks are most important to you, why cry foul when she cannot do your laundry for fear of breaking her nails?! After all, you told her you broke it off with your last ex because her fingernails looked chewed on. Why would she risk getting dumped on account of broken fingernails?

That may be excessive but my point is, you guys have a very warped yardstick for beauty and yet each time you think you are so right. To save face, go easy on the judgments – both the good and bad – until you have sought a second, third and fourth opinion of one who may be more discerning.

Source : The Observer

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