Meet Wild Cat and Baby-faced assassin

There is always something intriguing in observing people from a distance and how they relate with each other. But by interacting with as many of them as possible, one gets a clear picture and can even group them into different types.
I do not know about you guys, but I paid attention during my Biology class. I was, especially, keen when Mr Omaba taught about the animal kingdom and the different species. Little did I know that this knowledge would be helpful in negotiating my way around the opposite sex. Though we are all human, there are some “strange” female species among us. Here are those that I have either failed to figure out or would avoid at all costs because they are dangerous.
Confusica: This is the type of woman who is always confused about anything, everything and nothing. Poor her, she can never have a straight answer to any question or a clear opinion on any subject. Her favourite words are “I don’t know” and “may be” and her throwback question is “What do you think?” While distinct from a close relative, Daft Lass (who is an airhead), this one has an idea of what is happening around her. For example, she will know that there is an ongoing update of the voters’ register or that the elections are in 2016. Typically, she will be undecided on everything. She just cannot make up her mind on her own.
Wild Cat: When you are from a background that expects a woman to act like a lady, this one is best described as a “culture shock”. I have been described as conservative, traditionalist or a dinosaur for what I would call my “lady expectations”. Just for the record, I am a soft one for the unconventional, dreadlocks, nose pins, rock chick looks, but not the Wild Cat. This type of woman has all the bad manners and pet peeves in her. She eats with her mouth open, will pick fights and hurl insults at you and anyone else, talk at the top of her voice, and drink herself to a stupor. Phew, the list goes on. Whatever bad trait that would piss you off, she has at least a dose of it. Uncultured and uncouth, she is a strange one.
Baby-faced Assassin: I love to hate this one. Nature gifted her with cute baby looks, nurture left her with good manners but the big bad world brought out the deadly sting in her. Don’t be deceived by what you see, she is like that strange flower in the famous Amazon forest that eats insects. Its bright colours attract the insects when it opens its beautiful petals, once they are within reach, it closes the petals and devours them. She uses her charm and innocent looks to get men for whatever reason, money or other material gain. When she has got what she wants, she dumps them like a hot potato. Then she lurches onto the next victim. Men will always fall for this type, they are only wiser when they learn the hard way-that baby looks can be anything but sweet.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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