Meet Flavia Namulindwa the Teacher and Good Catholic Girl [interview]

Quick Talk meets Bukedde TV presenter Flavia Namulindwa at the media house’s offices. Can you imagine this cheeky presenter as a teacher? Hmm. They talk about the ugly allegations that she suffocated her child to death during his sleep while she was drunk, and her favourite hymns. Yes, she likes hymns.

What is your full name?

Flavia Mary Namulindwa.

Huh! I wonder how people react to your being called Mary. You have a reputation for being crazy.

Haha, my parents chose that name.

Who are your parents?

Moses Kubulamwana Matovu [Quick Talk giggles. Kubulamwana certainly did not fail in getting children. Flavia is testament to that] and Florence Nabakooza. My mother passed away on All Saints’ day, on November 1 and was buried on November 2.

When were you born?

August 19, 1989. I am 26 [She is technically still 25. She looks 26, though.]

Please tell me about your education.

I went to quite a number of schools: St John Bosco Katende PS, Kanoni COU, Kasaka SS in Gomba and St Mary’s SS Nkozi. I didn’t go to A-level. Instead, I went to Kabulasoke Primary Teachers’ College.

And you graduated as a teacher, did you?

Yes. I even taught at St Bernadette PS in Nkozi. I also taught at Archbishop Kiwanuka Memorial PS in Nakirebe, Mpigi and at Lubiri Nnabagereka [Wow. The mental image of Flavia Namulindwa touching a blackboard with a cane… ? Priceless.]

Teaching must have been tough on someone with a personality [and hair and clothes] as colourful as yours.

It wasn’t. I enjoyed being with the children and playing with them. They were my friends.

Uh! How does one befriend and enjoy the company of a five-year-old?

Hahaha, I was teaching English to upper primary pupils. But I also befriended the younger children.

Ok. How did you end up in the media?

I studied for a diploma in Journalism from the Buganda Royal Institute I got a scholarship from KEF – Kabaka Education Fund. While I was studying for the diploma, I was required to do internship, which I did at Bukedde TV. I was retained after that.

And there you landed in the limelight. What do you enjoy, and not enjoy, about being in the limelight?

I like being recognised but I don’t like being asked crazy things. Fans ask me: “Naawe ozaala? [Do you give birth?]”

Haha, that’s a redundant question, seeing as you had a child who, unfortunately, passed away. It was said that you slept on and suffocated the child following a not-so-sober night out.

[Sternly:] I don’t drink.


[Once more, and sternly:] I don’t drink. My husband was supposed to return the night my son passed away, which was on November 2. He was setting off from the UK and he was going to be seeing his son for the first time. I breastfed him at 5am and then after some time, I looked at him and he was looking at me, but in a funny way. I shook him and he wasn’t responding. I took him to hospital where they said he had died.

Oh dear, that must have been tough. What did they say the cause of death was?

Cot or Colt death.

Cot death. I’m really sorry, Flavia. Do you have another child?

Yes, a boy.

I see you are wearing a cross and your car has a rosary hanging over the dashboard. And that rosary (ring) on your finger…

I am a Catholic.

I suspected as much. I’m surprised because you were recently promoting Protector condoms.

Yes, Nyumirwa Omuhabati ne Protector.

Hahaha. Funny word, Omuhabati! How did you reconcile being Catholic and promoting artificial contraception, which the church does not permit?

Quick Talk, there are certain things that religion does not permit but are essential in the world. Also, not every member of the audience was a Catholic and I was doing a job that was given to me by my bosses.

Uh! Ok. What is your favourite hymn?

[Singing] Stand up, stand up for Jesus ye soldiers of the cross. I also like All to Jesus I surrender, all to him I freely give. I also like It Is Well. [Huh, that poor child, Joan Twizera, passed away soon after posting that it was well with her soul. I do not like to bandy that song around as a result…]

Why do you enjoy those particular hymns?

I don’t know. Whenever I sing them, I feel touched. They draw me closer to God.

Going back to your husband…

My fianceacute. We are engaged.

Uh-huh fianceacute! What do you enjoy about him being away?

Long-distance relationships have goods and bads [positives and negatives]. There is no tight marking and cooking every single day [the ‘goods’] when the man is away. But now me because I am in the limelight, a lot is said about me.

And sometimes, those things are not true. [Quick Talk will avoid relationships talk. The last time she talked to a TV star, the woman gushed about her husband. Then sex videos leaked with a man other than her husband… .]

What is the last movie you watched and cried?

I don’t know. There are many movies I have watched but I am not good at cramming titles.

What is your favourite food?

Rice and groundnuts.

Favourite colour?

Pink [Shows Quick Talk her pretty pink fingernails.]

Favourite body part?

I love my eyes and my lips and fingers.

Your eyes look lovely. What is your worst body part?

My tummy.

It’s big. You need to work out.

I don’t like working out.

Huh, you are likely to have it forever then. Ok, that’s it. Thank you for your time.

Thank you too, Quick Talk.

Source : The Observer


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