Meet Bbosa Kiyingi, the Young Legislator

Joseph Kenneth Bbosa Kiyingi, Mawokota South MP, was known as the simple, quiet Simba House prefect at Makerere College School.

Few of his classmates knew he hailed from a wealthy family, headed by Ssalongo Joseph Lutalo Bbosa aka PK Bbosa as he is the PK [chewing gum] distributor in Uganda.

Even fewer expected him to contest in national elections after all, he was only 24 during the 2011 parliamentary elections but, as he points out, he has always demonstrated leadership traits. His parents – his mother is Nnalongo Grace Catherine Bbosa – also ensured he became a responsible person.

Quick Talk finds him at his office at Bauman house and he goes into whether daddy influenced him to contest, which female MP has the nicest legs and the one he considers most beautiful.

Thank you for seeing me, Honorable. Allow me to get right into the interview. What has it been like being MP? What benefits have you enjoyed?

I have created networks to help my people and myself.

I thought you would talk about social ones such as having your pick of the girls you are a young man, after all. Do you have more women propositioning you?

[Laughing] Yes.

Uh-huh, of all the women who have chased after you, who has most stood out?

I can’t share that, naawe. I’m in a relationship and I try to respect it.

Ok. But you can talk about the challenges you have faced as MP, can’t you?

People are poor and legislators are their refuge. If you refuse to give them money, they promise to show you in 2016.

Eh! The people have you people. Do you want to contest in 2016, though?

Yes but after the second term, I will consider other things. You know, this is an addictive world and you would want to hang in there but we need to transition.

Did your father ask you to contest? You know how our parents are, ordering us to study courses or undertake endeavours that will make them the talk of their peers.

No, it was my own initiative. I put it before him and he accepted it. He also accepted to provide the finances and bridged the gap with the elders so that they accepted it. Up to now, he still supports me where need be.

Aww, that’s nice. Would you have contested had you not had your father’s financial backing?

Yes. I would have put my manifesto before the people to let them decide.

If you were allowed one memory, which one would you keep?

The day I was declared MP. I knelt – I couldn’t help it – and the returning officer was like uh-oh (uncomfortable.)

Making it to parliament so young and excitable, the beautiful female MPs must have been a sight to behold. Would you tell me who you consider the most beautiful MP, though?

Hahahahaha, interesting question. [Following some thought:] All of them are beautiful.

Shya! Kale who has the most beautiful legs?

I haven’t observed. I don’t look down!

Where do you look?

It’s their brains that matter.

Haha, ok. What is your favourite colour?


Nice colour. Are you wearing blue underwear by any chance?

[Laughs] It’s close. I have many colours, though.

When was the last time you cried?

When I lost my grandmother she was 93. She had become withdrawn and could not feed herself.

What food do you most enjoy?

Rice, posho, beans and chicken.

Do you take alcohol?

No. I drink soda and water.

What’s the one event in history you would change?

The Kanungu inferno. Thousands died and they are unaccounted for.

Kiyingi was born on November 8, 1986 in Nkozi, Mpigi district and attended St Savio Junior school, Kisubi, Mengo SS (S1 and S2) and Vienna College (S3 and S4). He also went to Makerere College School (A-level) and Uganda Martyrs’ University, Nkozi where he got a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management and an MBA.

Though he worked in Kikuubo with his parents as a young man and is an MBA holder, he does not think he is a better businessman than his father because ‘the business world in Kikuubo is complex. My father is also a good risk-taker, unlike us who went to school. We are taught to be cautious in school.’

Source : The Observer

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