Mbabazi Can Attend NRM Meeting – Muhwezi

Although he has been ostracised from government and the ruling NRM, former premier Amama Mbabazi is free to attend the ruling party’s delegates’ conference, his political rival, Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi, has said.

Muhwezi was responding to queries as to whether, as the chairperson for security on the 45-member committee appointed by President Museveni to organise the December 15 meeting, he would hound Mbabazi out of the conference because of their bitter rivalry.

“He [Mbabazi] is a delegate. He is a member of Parliament for Kinkiizi West and he is on leave as a secretary general so, he is free to attend it,” Muhwezi told journalists at Parliament last week.

The Rujumbura county MP also rubbished claims that he has a personal vendetta against Mbabazi, saying it is a figment of some people’s imagination.

“My relationship with Mbabazi has been purely work-related and we have agreed on many things and disagreed on a number of things,” he said.

Since circulating a letter indicating that he was going on leave, Mbabazi has kept out of the spotlight, and it is not clear if he will attend the conference in Namboole stadium, at which the NRM is likely to change its constitution to empower the party chairperson to appoint a secretary general.

Source : The Observer

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