Mbabaali Sues Justice Kavuma

Jude Mbabaali, a losing parliamentary candidate for Bukoto Central in 2011, has sued acting Chief Justice Steven Kavuma for failing to fix a hearing date for the constitutional petition he filed against Vice-President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi.

Mbabaali filed his suit at the High court last week. In 2012, Mbabaali petitioned the Constitutional court alleging that Ssekandi, the MP for Bukoto Central, should be kicked out of Parliament on grounds that during the 2011 campaigns, he used five government vehicles, government employees and fuel worth Shs 120m – in breach of the Leadership Code Act.

Mbabaali says although the case was conferenced on May 20, 2013, it has not been allocated judges for it to go to trial.

Source : The Observer

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