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How can the use of higher gears and cruise control help improve my fuel economy benefit from Shell FuelSave Unleaded and diesel?

Shell FuelSave Unleaded (petrol) and diesel have chemical additives which clean and protect your engine valves and diesel injectors from deposit build up thereby enhancing fuel economy, engine performance and emission reduction.

However, you can improve your fuel economy benefit by using higher gears or features like over drive and cruise control if they are available on your car.

Higher gears lower your engine revolutions or engine speed which reduces the load on your car’s engine and improves fuel economy. If you drive a car with a manual gearbox drive at slower speeds between 80-100 kilometres per hour on the highway.

It is good to get into the habit of shifting to higher gears as fast as you can. If you drive a car with an automatic transmission use the over drive (OD) feature if it is available. OD feature is similar to the fifth gear in a manual transmission.

OD is the highest gear which will reduce the load on your engine and subsequently improve your fuel economy. You should use OD on a highway but switch it off when driving in city traffic jams or uphill. Cruise control is a feature fitted in some vehicles with automatic transmissions.

You need to read the user manual or consult a dealer to learn how to use it. Cruise control helps a driver maintain a constant speed rather than a variable one, this helps to improve the fuel economy benefits of Shell FuelSave fuels.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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