Mayiga, let’s do Ettofaali for a cancer hospital

One Charles Peter Mayiga is worth 100 ministers in a banana republic.
Mayiga, who took over from Walusimbi as Buganda kingdom prime minister, has done for his cultural institution only a few would dream of two years ago when he was appointed. From mobilising people who describe themselves as poor to donate money voluntarily towards projects such as Amasiro, to raising money for real estate like the Masengere building that was donated to the Kabaka as a birthday gift on Monday.
It is difficult to convince people to part with their money for a project they see no direct benefit. Those who have organized fundraising for weddings, funerals or religious activities know better.
However, Mayiga has managed to get people to appreciate his fundraising initiatives. One of the fruits of his fundraising drive is Masengere, a building in Bulange Mengo, that was rotting away for three decades, but has been completed at a tune of Shs5 billion. That was no mean feat.
Mayiga and his Ettofaali team have proved that Ugandans can be donors – poor or rich. Secondly, that dedicated and transparent leaders can get support from everyone especially when doing noble causes.
Mayiga puts across a strong message of accountability and empowerment. That is why he is trusted by thousands with their shillings.
For a long time, it was known that it is bazungu who donate $10 or $20 for poverty stricken Africans. When they stop their taps, all projects on the continent dry up. Mayiga proves that thinking wrong – actually, we can support our own noble projects.
Against demeaning remarks from critics calling him a beggar, Mayiga is like John Walker who keeps walking, ignoring naysayers. And this is why the Katikkiro should now embark on other projects that would address the cries of the helpless.
This country has pleaded with its government. Patients have died. Many are bedridden and in pain. However, no solution has come to save.
Uganda needs a specialised hospital for ailments that our national hospitals cannot undertake due to resource constraints. Of course our government has money, but, there is simply no will to make a revolutionary difference in the health sector.
To be a heart and cancer patient in Uganda, you have to pray for a miracle, be rich to afford medication abroad, or get yourself ready for death.
The funding to the heart and cancer institutes at Mulago hospital can’t do much despite our good doctors wanting to make a difference. I know – at least the doctors at the heart institute treated my daughter. It is the tools that frustrate them.
Again, it is not because we have no money. We do, because, we have some to steal, and some to donate to neighbours to build schools.
This is where Mayiga’s Ettofaali project comes in. Kabaka’s subjects can live better with a specialized hospital where Ugandans can get treatment in country. This is Ettofaali I am itching to give.
Thinking about Rosemary Nankabirwa, the former NTV news anchor who succumbed to the disease on Sunday, or Bbale Francis and Dan Kyazze, among others who die every day from cancer related diseases, I wish Kabaka’s subjects got their good health back from a Kabaka’s hospital.
As I pray for Kabaka’s good health and that he lives longer, I also pray another birthday gift for him of a specialized hospital, from Mayiga’s gifted hands, comes to pass.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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