Maxime determined to outsmart ‘trainer’

KAMPALAThe clash between teenage rider Maxime van Pee and his trainer, German Jurgen Kuppers, will be one of teh highlights of the MX1 class at today’s 5th Nomi National MX Championship at Garuga Racing Track.

“I have been training at his school (International MX School) for the past two years. I have benefited from his training programme,” Maxime told Sunday Monitor. “Before, I was very slow and could not last 20 minutes of constant racing. But that has changed because we train on a heavy sand track which holds an aantage over the two tracks here (Garuga and Busiika) which are mainly murrum.”He added: “It will give me much pleasure if I beat him on today. At least it will show how far I have come.”

Kuppers, 41, praised Maxime for the progress he has made since he joined his school. “He has the technical skills his handling of the machine at different times of the race has given him confidence thus improving his speed,” he said. The former Germany champion also singled out youngster Ali Omar (MX85cc) as one to watch in the future.

However, veteran rider Arthur Blick Jr has vowed to spoil the party for the two riders. Elsewhere, Fortune Ssentamu has recovered from fractured leg and is ready to battle for MX 65 cc title. At the same meeting, fans for the first time will have a chance of seeing the Barracuda Buggy in action. Unlike the usual buggies which use car engine, the Barracuda runs on motorbike engine of 1,000 cc.

Leaders after four roundsMX50ccHabib Kiggundu – 206 ptsMX65ccBen Nsunba – 198MX85ccAli Omar – 215MX2Fatuh Kiggundu – 222MX1Maxime Van Pee – 237MX veteransJesse Kamstra – 117Ladies ClassEsther Mwangala – 171

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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