Masembe the Conservation Soldier [opinion]

Over the years Joseph Masembe cut himself a name in the corporate world as a top marketer, event manager, communicator, promoter and brand ambassador.

Masembe has fast turned into an environmentalist and social entrepreneur despite studying marketing and later law in UK universities. He chose to return back home to concentrate on business. He founded Mase Consult, a corporate consultancy firm doing PR gigs and experiential marketing.

However his passion for the environment far surpassed his love for law and he has since been at the forefront of the country’s most exciting green initiatives.

Through his Little Hands Go Green civil society organization that is promoting environment conservation in schools, he has gained international acclaim for his works and noble cause. He has won awards locally and internationally for that.

Together with ‘My Kid is a Superstar,’ Little Hands Go Green organizes an annual Children’s Green Festival where parents and guardians bring the youngsters for environment mentorship. Each child who attends the festival goes home with a fruit tree as an inspiration for the child to plant trees to protect the environment.

The latest of his initiation towards expounding on what he calls the green campaign is the annual International Children Climate Change Conference which for the second time in a row will be at Serena on 22nd April, which is also the Earth Day.

At this year’s conference he has partnered with Earth Day Network, the international organization behind Earth Day. Earth Day Network works with more than 50,000 partner organizations in 192 countries to organize Earth Day activities and build the environmental movement.

Because of this partnership, Kampala was picked by Earth Day Network as a spotlight city for Earth Day 2015. Ten cities, five in the U.S. and five internationally, to spotlight every year for a Global Day of Conversation and Kampala was among the fortunate cities to be chosen is being promoted ahead of the for Earth Day 2015.

Today the world we live in is a delicate one which needs proper handling and pampering so that we can live in it sustainably. This proper handling can only come from within us the humans yet we tend not to carr what happens to it. It is absurd.

As custodians of this world humans have messed up the environment and the climate has been distorted in equal measures. Every day that passes the environmentalist express their worry and the challenges they face in fighting climate change, it is no easy job.

It is the works of people like Masembe and other environmentalist that bring hope of restoring nature that man has destroyed through his aanced human activities and technological engagements like industrialization.

On a global arena, billions of dollars are being spent to stop the destruction of the environment and its repressive impact on climate. In Uganda, Masembe and his green army transverse schools preaching the green gospel it’s working.

With Masembe as the chief executive officer, the green army green crusade has recruited a number of primary schools and pupils across the country to teach the youngsters how to plant trees, why they should plant trees and inspire the children t to plant trees.

It is a secret no more that the weather is becoming unpredictable and disastrous every day as climate mitigations issues continue to be ignored. Activities of mankind continue to distort its natural being to something heinous. The environment is eaten away as man’s technological aancement blinding his love for nature for short time gains. The calls of climate change mitigation falls on deaf ears.

At this worrying rate of climat change, the world need more people like Masembe who are wisely doing all they can to reduce the aerse effects of the change in environment which is about to ravage the globe.

“I pioneered a new form of Civic Responsibility and leadership in the fight against climate change that seeks to bestow the mantle of environmental conservation stewardship on children. I have an army of over 80,000 children under the Little Green Hands umbrella scattered across several districts in Uganda,” Masembe wrote on his LinkedIn profile description.

He recently received the prestigious Environmental Recognition Award for services to the environment and Children and a 2014 Presidential National Environment Recognition award.

Masembe possesses great cross functional capabilities in Marketing, Events Management and Coordination, Environmental Conservation Education and Early childhood education and talent development.

With over 16 years of g Communications, Marketing and Event Management experience, Masembe is the founder and CEO of the hugely successful My Kid is a Superstar and Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green movement.

Combining a love for children and passion for the environment has put Masembe at the helm of environmental activism.

Source : East African Business Week