Mary Luswata Has an Interesting Relationship With Underwear

Quick Talk meets Mary Luswata, of Urban TV’s Scoop on Scoop. She talks about the controversial gossip show, Ugandan musicians she likes [she actually does like some] and Zari [her royal prettiness had to pop up], among other things.

Hi Mary…

Hi Quick Talk.

Thank you for seeing me. You look so different from the way you do on TV. Thank God for that, for I imagine many people want to beat you up [they wouldn’t recognize her].

The funny thing is that celebs call me saying, “that was hot,” that is if the show wasn’t about them.

Really? Could we have some examples?

No. But it is amazing, people who do Facebook rants [later] inbox me saying, I should say hi to them on show.

Yiyii. I thought they would inbox you insults. But why do you abuse celebs?

People think of me as this girl who abuses people. But what I say is not different from what you have thought about.

Ah, what Quick Talk has thought about?

Yes. Everything I say somebody has thought about. I just happen to have a camera and microphone. These celebs think everybody has to praise them and kiss their asses [Oh Lord, kiss Bobi Wine’s ass? That would be painful.] They deserve what they are getting.

Eh! But some have fired back at you too. Zari said mbu you are the way you are because you are not getting any.

Maybe she is the way she is because she is getting a lot. Have you thought about that?

Uhmmm, no I haven’t. How do you handle the hatred that comes your way?

I’m not one of those people who crumble under pressure. If I was, I would have chull [for the older and less-swaggerific reader, read: chilled or given up] the show already. And people are right to attack Mary Luswata the character. They are dishing out the exact medicine that I give.

So, who is your favourite celeb or musician?

Bobi Wine is my favourite Ugandan musician.

Bobi Wine?!?!?!

I like his bad-boy attitude [girls and bad boys!]

Oh Lord, help us. Is he your favourite actor too?

Michael Wawuyo is. [But Bobi Wine is the Ugandan male celebrity whose butt she would want to tap – or pinch, seeing as there is almost no butt to talk about there.]

Do you take alcohol?

Yes. I like my scotch and whiskey. I’m a hard liquor person.

Your church does not permit drinking, does it? I had actually forgotten that you were a Pentecostal when I asked whether you took alcohol.

I really don’t know if my church allows me to drink but the relationship I have with my God is what matters. If I make peace with God, I’m ready to go [sigh].

What’s your preference in underwear?

I don’t like underwear. I only wear when I have to.

Uh? Ok, what food do you enjoy?

I love beans and Irish potatoes. My friends say I’m a Mukiga.

Don’t Bakiga eat sweet potatoes?

I don’t know. I always make katogo (mixture of beans and Irish potatoes).

What’s your favourite colour?

I like white for what it looks like everywhere it is put it transforms, it is shiny and pure. And the fact is that when I wear white, I look good.

Such modesty Mary-Lu. What title would you want for your biography, if you were to have one written?

‘Game Changer’.

Now, you have changed the game once. [Luswata says her show is a game changer.]

Maybe ‘She dared to be different’.

Ok, who would you want to write it?

I would want Ernest Bazanye to write it.

Finally, if you could change one event in history, which one would you change?

The July 11 bomb attacks. They broke my heart. I haven’t been touched by anything as much.

Source : The Observer

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