Mark Mugisha, Bags Seller [analysis]

Mugisha, 42, has been selling traveling bags and suitcases since 2009. In the beginning, he sub-rented a large shop at Mukwano Arcade with nine other people. Each would contribute towards paying the rent of Shs. 1.8 million per month.

Over the last two years, they have remained three the rent has increased to Shs.3.5 million.

Because of the stiff competition, he has had to diversify his stock by venturing into selling other items such as knickers.

Mugisha, who also employs two people, on average makes between Shs 600,000 to Shs 800,000 daily and about Shs 3.5 million monthly.

His best season of the year is when students are going back to school.

Tip to success:

Build and maintain a good reputation.

“When you want a customer to return, be good and sell them genuine stuff,” he says. “I will be here for a long time because I have a good reputation and many customers come back or recommend me to their friends or relatives.”

Source : The Independent