Man ‘recovers’ wife who eloped on wedding day

A man has finally found his wife who had eloped with his close friend just one day after their marriage.
The incident happened four years ago. Ms Margaret Nagaba was arrested by police at Kirimya near Masaka Town last Wednesday.

She had reportedly married Mr John Ssebunnya on December 18, 2010 at Beteremu Catholic Church but she allegedly left him the following day to elope with Mr Stephen Kalwanyi, who was the best man at their wedding.

“I had gone out to briefly attend to some issue at the shop but when I returned, she had left with all the belongings,” said Mr Ssebunnya.

‘Return bride price’
“I went to her parents to demand the bride price that I had taken to them but they couldn’t so I sought police’s help,” he said.

Ms Nagaba has been discovered to have been hiding in Kirimya where she has allegedly been co-habiting with Mr Kalwanyi who also reportedly has a wife in Kampala. It is alleged that Ms Nagaba and Mr Kalwanyi have since produced a child.

Mr Ssebunya, a resident of Kirumba, in Rakai District, is still interested in getting back the bride price that he took to her parents. He also wants compensation from Mr Kalwanyi and Mr Nagaba for the embarrassment and psychological pain he says they caused him.

Ms Nagaba claims she left Mr Ssebunya after only one day because he failed to make love to her during the wedding night which Mr Ssebunnya denies completely.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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