Make your children interested in gardening

Children have a lot of time on their hands, but getting them involved in worthwhile activities such as gardening can be a challenge. So, how can parents remove their children away from television and video games without causing tantrums?

Below, Paddy Namanya, manager at The Flower Centre, Freedom City Mall in Najjanankumbi, gives tips on how parents can encourage their children to take an interest in gardening:

Make it a leisure activity
Give each child a plant to look after. In the beginning, give them a potted plant. It can be in a pot or a bucket.
This is because it would be difficult for the child to look after a big plant, but they can relate to a small plant.

Supervise them
Teach them what to do to be able to look after a plant well, including watering at the appropriate time, early morning and late evenings and the importance of sunlight to plants.

Let them nurture their plants
It is also important to give them the liberty to position their plants in places they deem fit. Children easily get attached to projects that are important to them. If you let them look after their plants, they could give the plants the same attention they would have if you had bought them a pet.

Be an example
If you don’t attend to your life-size garden, don’t expect your children to attend to their little plants. Children learn by example.

Mind their safety
Give them plants that will not be harmful to their health. A plant like Zebrina (White Butterfly) is both safe and easy to take care of. A difficult plant to look after will discourage them.

Teach them to nurture and value vegetables
Children love colours. Choose vegetables that can give them the colours that can encourage them to spend more time in the garden. An example is Amaranthus (Dodo). It can be beautiful if planted well in its different species. These fun ways to gardening could be the door to a healthy lifestyle and diet for your children.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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