Majwega shows Luwagga how to use the weaker foot

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Namboole – Deployed to operate on the left side of midfield, Kizito Luwagga shone in spurts on Saturday.Mostly however, he cut a figure of frustration and was withdrawn by coach Micho Sredojevic at halftime with Uganda showing nothing after territorially bossing Mauritania in an Afcon groups qualifier.On more than one occasion, Luwagga was fed the ball in inviting positions on the left where he could have tested Mauritania goalkeeper Brahim Souleimane with his weaker left foot.In the two most notable instances, Luwagga made a complete mess. For the first one midway through the opening half, his first touch with the right foot uncharacteristically let him down and the moment ceased to be an opportunity for a goal much to the disappointment of fans.A few minutes later, Luwagga received a neat ball on the left and resisted the temptation to strike the ball with a first-time thunderbolt – a left-footed drive was ideal given the bodies closing his stronger right.This time, Luwagga chose to dribble inside from the direction of the pass before laying off the ball. The move ended with no attempt on goal.Either the giant Mauritanian backline of Moussa Baghayoko, Bilal Sidibe, Fall Yacoub and Abdoul Bicar had done their homework on Luwagga or the player didn’t show the audacity to try his luck with his non-kicking foot.Being too one-footed has never been considered the greatest crime in football – Diego Maradona barely kicked a ball with his right leg. But that is only because his left foot did everything he needed.A two-footed footballer is every coach’s dream, especially since no player has ever had that obscene quantity of ability in one foot like Maradona.Many times chances fall a player’s way from all over, and the onus is on him to show speed of mind and a single-mindedness to attempt on goal some go in, others end in row Z. That’s football.

stronLacking confidence stronLuwagga did not have a poor opening half as his early shower may suggest, in fact he was behind some of Uganda’s most creative players of an admittedly insipid first period. It is just that he showed no confidence in himself to try new things when put through.ue Luwagga’s replacement Brian Majwega, a natural left-footed player.With his first touch, he had given Uganda the lead after slotting him with his right leg.Majwega could have chosen to collect himself first and prepare to load a belter with his left. Had he explored that option, and he certainly could have, his chances of finding the net would have diminished given that it would have allowed goalkeeper Brahim and his defence recovery time.Majwega then supplied a delicious right-footed cross to Moses Oloya, who blazed over from almost the area where the former had given Uganda the aantage. Majwega is a player renown for being one of Uganda’s most accomplished left-footed players but he made telling contributions on his weaker right foot.Luwagga will do well to show the same belief in his all-round talent next time a similar situation presents itself.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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