Lwengo councillors call for district boss censure


Lwengo District councillors have petitioned the Minister of Local Government, Mr Adolf Mwesige, seeking to censure their district chairman George Mutabaazi.
They accused Mutabaazi of harassment and abuse of office.

The councillors led by Mr Abdurrahman Kabugo, who represents Ndagwe Sub-county, said they have handed over their petition to the district speaker, Mr Mark Turyeijuka, who will pass it on to the minister within 24 hours.

In the letter to the minister, the councillors allege that on November 25, 2014, at Lwamanyonyi and Nakalinzi villages in Kyazanga Sub-county, Mr Mutabaazi beat up people, including pregnant women, and the sick with a stick for refusing to participate in “Bulungibwansi” programme.

According to another councillor, Mr Robert Tuwanja of Kyazanga Sub-county, Mr Mutabaazi gets more than Shs2 million per month for fuel yet he does not use it for travel within the district.

He also accused Mr Mutabaazi of not attending district council meetings and spending most of his time on overseas trips.

However, Mr Mutabaazi attributed the move to his opponents. “There is no meaning in that censure letter. Those same councillors have approached me for money so as to drop their scheme. I am now looking for legal aice,” he said.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor