Lwakataka Denied Bail

The High courtsitting in Masaka on Wednesday dismissed a bail application by businessman and motor rally driver Ponsiano Lwakataka.

Justice Margaret Oguli Oumo said Lwakataka’s lawyers had not provided evidence that he deserved bail on the basis of ill-health or his anticipated proper conduct.

“The applicant has not proved that he will not abscond as he has other charges against him and there is credible applicant’s threatening behaviour to prosecution witnesses. So, he is likely to interfere with investigations which are not yet complete,” Oumo said.

The judge aised the state to expedite investigations into Lwakataka’s murder charges so that he can be committed to the High court for trial. Lwakataka, 42, is being detained for allegedly participating in the January 14, 2014 murder of nine relatives at Kyebe trading centre, Rakai district. Some of Lwakataka’s co-accused are still at large, after they evaded arrest.

Source : The Observer

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