Luswata Changes Television Landscape

Mary Luswata, host of Scoop on Scoop on Urban TV, is a bubbly girl.

She is also much loved, going by the way her workmates, and other Vision Group employees, pat her cheek like she is a sweet little girl, hug and ask her to lunch.

We hold the interview at Vision Group offices in Industrial area. Seeing her all bubbly and friendly, you don’t imagine anything but love come her way. But not too long ago, NBS TV’s Doreen Kyomuhangi had been to Urban TV offices baying for Luswata’s blood.

Luswata had called her “dumb and beautiful” on her show and Kyomuhangi had not liked the dumb part. Previously, Zari had thoroughly abused Luswata, saying that men are very unlucky to have to date women such as Luswata. Zari, whose current heartthrob Farouq Ssempala was referred to as “not handsome” by Luswata, even turned her pretty nose higher and said the reason Luswata was so sharp-tongued was because she is “not getting any [sex]”.

Luswata, 27, had called Zari “a prop [and a] talentless, ungifted, failed model, failed reality TV star who is probably the way she is because she gets a lot [of sex].”

Judith Heard has also cried about being called semi-illiterate by Luswata, who also made reference to “Heard’s bu-boobs” during a show in which she dissed Sheebah Karungi’s nudity stunts.

Luswata has made some not-so-kind comments about many a celebrity and her boldness is fast earning her a cult following both on television and social media. She has called Mckenzie a poor artiste manager – “just because you have a smart phone and have been to outside countries like Kenya you think you can be a manager” she called MC Kats a “useless philanderer”.

The show:

Golden band members have also not been spared. What drives her? The show that airs every weekday at 2pm, 5pm and 10pm, drives her.

“The character of the show is such that I have to be brutally honest,” Luswata says. “I have nothing personal against my show’s subjects but we chose to be different. All celebrities ever hear is how great they are. We tell them some truths that people have thought about but haven’t verbalised.”

The truths may come in the shape of telling Eddy Kenzo, who is dressed in oversized clothes that make him look like a peasant, that he is a villager who spent too much time in Masaka.

“We delve into gossip. If a musician says they are so rich, we dig the dirt on them we don’t take their word for it like some journalists do. If we find he is telling lies, we will tell him: ‘What you are saying is not true. The last time you sang, you sang to two chairs. URA is on your back for taxes’.”

Truth behind truth:

Bush Baby, the manager of Urban TV, came up with the idea of the show six months ago. Luswata reads online tabloids and goes through Twitter and Facebook posts for gossip. She thereafter seeks for the truth behind the gossip. She also gives the truth behind “truth” as told by celebrities.

Apparently, the show has been well-received.

“I get so many messages in my [Facebook] inbox. Celebrities are funny they also write asking that I say hi to them on the show. If the show was not about them, they write telling me: ‘that was hot’.”

Some of Scoop on Scoop’s YouTube clips have attracted more than 1,000 views. The show’s clips are also shared on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Luswata gives compliments where they are due, in her opinion. For instance, during a segment on Kenzo’s desire to collaborate with Demarco, Luswata pointed out that Kenzo could do better than Demarco, because Kenzo’s Sitya Loss is so popular right now.

Luswata the church girl:

Luswata was born to the late Aloysius Luswata and Mary Luswata in March 1987. She is the second of three siblings and describes herself as “my dad’s princess.”

She attended St Lawrence, Horizon campus, Kabojja SS (now Kabojja International School) and studied for a bachelor’s degree in tourism at Makerere University. She is a church girl, she says. She was a Sunday school teacher before being recruited to host a children’s show on Vision Voice (now XFM).

She previously presented Urban at Dawn, Urban TV’s morning show, before joining Scoop on Scoop. Could Luswata’s show be a channel for her envy of celebrities, as some have alleged?

“I have heard those accusations: ‘Oh you only diss girls who are prettier than you’, But will I change them by dissing them? Will I transform them? I am not jealous because I am not ugly myself,” Luswata says.

For now, love her, hate her, this sassy girl has ruffled some egotistic feathers and it sure is making for good television.

Source : The Observer

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