Lukwago resumes office as Ssematimba leads in NRM polls

Court on Friday ruled that Mr Lukwago’s impeachment was “null and void” and ordered the Electoral Commission to immediately stop the process of organising for a by-election until the Lord May’s main application challenging the KCCA tribunal report that led to his controversial impeachment on November 25 is heard and determined.

Its on that note that Erias Lukwago returned to office today. Meanwhile the NRM members continued with their process to elect assume the Lord Mayor’s office, which according to them is still “vaccant”. Daily Monitor reporter Farahani Mukisa at City Hall captured the events as they unfolded:

8:40am – The lord mayor arrives at City hall amid heavy police deployment.

8:40am – Members of Lukwago’s team are subjected to thorough security check, others are barred from entering city hall. Lukwago flanked by Kindandala (deputy mayor) and Allan Ssewanyana (Councillor) head to his office.

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8:45am – His office is opened, He refuses to enter office and sit in his chair. He waits for 30 minutes for a sheikh to come. Lukwago insists that the sheikh must pray for his chair and his office before he resumes duties.

Everything done and said. KCCA cleaners start dusting office and cleaning it for the Lord Mayor

Meanwhile the KCCA ED Jennifer Musis is absent. Apparently attending a thanks giving ceremony outside Kampala.

On the other side: As Lukwago resumes office, Peter Ssematimba leads in NRM mayoral primaries with 100,287 votes (preliminary results)

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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