Looking forward to more holidays

Easter weekend was such a fun time for the family in more ways than one. I was a little afraid because I thought the excitement everyone had for the day would be deflated once the season arrived since we did not have any big plans. I need not have worried.

First, we all got more than enough sleep. The girls were able to sleep util later in the morning, from Friday to Monday. The younger one was even luckier because their school took a break on the Tuesday before Easter.

And although Mr and I still had to work, we did not have to be up by 5am to get ready and later on prepare the girls for school we woke up when we felt we had rested enough.

Secondly, our church had a number of events it was doing. There was the Friday night praise and worship session, the one Sunday service, and the drama on Monday. Mr attended all three.

The baby and I attended the service, while the older girl was able to attend the service and the Friday worship session, something she had always been looking forward to. The events were fun, inspiring and full of lessons. We definitely left having been spiritually nourished.

Thirdly, I got to spend some really quality time with the girls. The Friday night the older girl went with Mr to church, I stayed home with the baby and we did a lot of painting, colouring, writing and drawing.

I also got her to help me do some filing of bills (her favourite bit was punching holes in the papers) and such stuff as well as arrange the book shelf – she loves to stand on the table next to the shelf and look as tall as me! It was three hours of fun, talk and bonding.

This continued on Sunday evening when both girls and I shooed ourselves into the kitchen to make Sunday dinner. I decided we would have plenty of finger foods and not another heavy meal like the one we had had late, for lunch. So we busied ourselves in the kitchen making sausages, fried pork, sandwiches, salad (olives, lettuce and avocado), jacket potatoes and tea.

It was a meal we all enjoyed, although unfortunately Mr and baby got allergic reactions to the sausages.

Easter Monday found us preparing ourselves to ease back into the week.

So we all tried to take it slow and rest and planned for an early night in. However, I got back home from work later than I expected and Mr arrived much later than me so the rest I had planned for did not happen. I did enjoy the weekend though. It was good to rest and just play around.

One can therefore imagine how much I cannot wait for the school holiday to start. Plus May 1st, Labour Day is on a Friday! Good times ahead!


SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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