Looking for Mr Perfect? You may wait forever

Is there such a thing as perfection or do we at some point have to close our eyes to the shortcomings of our heartthrobs and concentrate on the strong points they have! Life sometimes is about compromise. A little pull here and a tag there.

No single person has all the tall, dark and handsome, plus a large purse, that we dream of. She might not have all the qualities of the Psalm 91 virtuous woman and yet still look like Kerry Washington or whatever your definition of stunning might be. So will you sit idly by and wait for perfection to walk your way?

Take, for instance, that smooth-talking late night radio show presenter. He says just the right things and knows what song to play when. He is almost like a soulmate, a friend. Listening to him makes the world alright with you. After a long day at work all you need is his voice and the stress is gone. But when you finally meet him, you are disappointed not because he is an ogre but, he is not exactly how you envisioned him – tall, dark, handsome, donning a ponytail.

How about the girl with all the right curves in the right places, she smells good too. Dresses perfectly, and when you see her, you believe love at first sight exists after all. Then you say hullo and start to make simple conversation and you realise she doesn’t sound as good as she looks.

In fact her conversations are only about clothes and hair and how her neighbours are jealous of her butt. She also thinks President Museveni is selfish and corrupt for having restricted Ugandans from viewing the eclipse with their bare eyes. She is a picture-perfect girlfriend, the kind whose photo looks good as a screen saver and who makes you the envy of every man for as long as she simply stands by you, smiles but never says a word. Problem is that she might smile at the wrong time!

Then comes the endless petty prejudices such as the really nice guy who laughs too loudly and in a high soprano or chews with his mouth open, redefining the meaning of ruminants, the one who is a Police FC fanatic instead of Manchester, Arsenal okay even at least Liverpool.

The one who says ‘bled’ or ‘lan’ when what he really means is bread and run, the really sweet girl who tags you and all your friends in all her Facebook posts and photos even when the post is announcing that her gonorrhea finally cured! The almost perfect boyfriend who grows his nails longer than yours and he won’t stop wearing that holed pair of bright yellow socks or is too short that you can’t wear heels when you go out with him lest he ends up looking like your very own human walking stick. The list of not-so-good traits is endless.

So what do you do? Wait for perfection or look deep into the eyes of love and pretend not to see the ‘generous’ nose? Close your eyes and listen to the soothing voice and not have to see the not-so-good-looking man? Hold the soft hands and pretend not to notice the not-so dainty feet?

Wait for perfection if you must, but you might have to wait for a very long time. Treasures most times do not come in sparkly wrappings, but only the wise are patient enough to look past fog and discover what is underneath. I wouldn’t dream of settling for less but like I said before, sometimes life is about compromise.

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SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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