Living and loving it Nine-year-old gifts add life to the house

I have a confession to make (my mother will kill me)! Nine years ago, we received many lovely wedding gifts, among which was a beautiful package given to us by my mother.
Wrapped in a see-through paper bag was what looked like a cream table cloth for a dining table. I liked the colour and the flower patterns on it.
At the time though, we did not have a dining table so I kept it far away in a suitcase. I do not know why I did not tear open the wrapping to see the full length of the cloth. I kept it sealed, all those years, until a few months ago when we finally got a good and sizable dining table.
Hours after the table had been put in the dining room, I rushed to the suitcase to get the cloth. I unwrapped it and to my initial disappointment, it was not a table cloth. In fact, it was not one cloth.
There were about 10 of them, chair cloths. I was disappointed because it was not the table cloth I assumed it was. Worse, the chairs we now have cannot have chair cloths on them. The previous chairs could, but we gave them away once we got the new set. This means I had lost an opportunity to show the beautiful things off to visitors previously.
Sighing heavily, I let hubby know that we could not use the gift I had kept safely away, for so long, because I had not opened it up to find out what it really was.
The sadness did not last long though because I picked up the set once again to look through everything. This time, I noticed that there were more than chair cloths in there.
There were also cushion covers, four of them. I figured not all was lost we could get some cushions and place the covers around them.
They would complement the chairs well because the covers are a lovely-cream-tending-to-peach-colour and the chairs are a medium brown colour.
Along with this set, I had also kept another from my aunt (a wedding gift as well) which had chair and table cloths as well as cushion covers which are white with a little string of blue around them – really pretty things.
Now I am excited all over again. I requested our Homes Editor, Sarah, to help me buy some cushions and she promised to bring me some today.
I cannot wait to see what they will look like on the chairs. As for the chair cloths I shall find use for them. They can be retailored into something else I am sure. I am now however, looking for a dining table cloth, or two.
The table does look quite bare when we are not using it for meals or to do homework. If I can get some, then I can put the beautiful vases which were also wedding gifts, on it.
They have always looked a little out of place on top of the fridge in the corner. This will add life to the room.
Once all this is set up, I will have to invite mum to see it all!

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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