Liquid Telecom to Spend Sh2 Billion On Cable

Liquid Telecom, a data, voice and IP provider, has announced it will inject Shs 2bn to extend the firm’s fibre cable infrastructure across Kampala’s central business district (CBD) and the nearby towns of Masaka, Mbarara, Mukono and Jinja.

Liquid telecom, which bought Infocom last year, says the infrastructure will bring a new experience of internet usage in the country. Hans Haerdtle, the company’s chief technical officer, East Africa, said: “Our aim in investing so heavily in this new Ugandan internet infrastructure is to achieve better service delivery and improve the country’s internet penetration.”

Studies place Uganda’s internet usage at 16.2 per cent of the population. Haerdtle also pointed out that the company’s fibre connection from Kenya to Uganda, via Tororo, heads westwards into Rwanda, across the Katuna border. The connection in Rwanda then goes to Tanzania and back to Kenya to the five submarine connections that enter that country via Mombasa.

“If there is any cut in the connection on the route to Kampala, the connection through Tanzania automatically and instantly backs up the services, giving guaranteed continuity of connection,” he said.

According to Nimuhane, Liquid Telecom is the only Internet supplier in Uganda with connections to all of the region’s five submarine cables: Seacom, Teams, Wacs, Eassy and Sat3.

Source : The Observer

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