Lighten up

I used to be too serious. Not that I’m not serious now but at least I know how to lighten up once in a while. To take it easy and laugh at myself and other people. Lightening up means not being tense and feel like it’s a matter of life and death in your endeavours. To know that there is another side of life which ideally should be enjoyed without putting too much pressure on yourself.

When you choose to take life a little bit easy and lighten up, you will be happier and create more friends. Unless it is a court room, most people enjoy being around individuals who look at the lighter side of life. It is also good for your health because when you have less stress as a result of your cool demeanour, then you will live a fuller life because you will automatically have less visits to the clinics.

Laugh often
Laugh at yourself and other people as much as you can whether loudly or in your heart. What I mean by that is not to jeer but to look at the funny side of things.

Do light things
Sing, dance of course if you are a professional in such areas and you are amidst a competition, then it may not be as light as mentioned here. But for the rest of us, it should work like magic. When I sing, even when my wife laughs at how horrible I sound, it is okay. I just laugh it off because I know it is good for my spirit.

Set a goal to have fun.
When I’m coaching public speaking clients, one of the goals I challenge them to set is to have fun when they are giving presentations. Why? Because I know that when they enjoy their speaking, the audience will also enjoy their talk. So, I am giving you the same challenge. Set a goal to have fun every day. Or at least to enjoy your life no matter what, as long as you are breathing. I know that there are those challenging moments that come which make it a big hurdle to enjoy life and yet it is still possible if you set it as a goal.

Hang around light hearted people
They will enable you to look at life differently since that is their view of life. They will influence you for the better – to be lighthearted.
At the end of the day, lightening up doesn’t necessarily mean not being serious with life but not to take it too seriously. I believe if life is worth living, then it is worth enjoying. And part of making that happen is to lighten up. You can start by letting your lips part now and smile at yourself while you read this. Good. Now, let your light shine as you lighten up your life and the world because you deserve such.

The writer is the CEO of Success Africa.


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