Land demarcations should not be at cost of peasants

The land question in Amuru District is very disturbing. Just as the European settlers invaded Africa they claimed land by conquest and in other areas by ruthless means, leading to the death of many people. What we are witnessing in Apaa is not different from what happened in South Africa during British colonial rule and apartheid. Thus, above all else, the forceful grabbing and dispossession of the land under the pretext of demarcations of new boundaries calls into question the land policies and so-called ‘investors’ policies.

Despite the war the land owners returned to their ancestral land but now we are witnessing disruption and land owners (peasants) are being forced from their land by the same government who should have protected them from armed groups.
Any analysis and solution to the Amuru land and investment by foreigners must take into account the peasants, the rural poor and landless poor. It is difficult to talk of land in Amuru on its own without being prescriptive and only thinking of so-called investors and absentee landlords.
Freddy Latigo-Nono,

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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