’Kyebandula’ Joins Capital [interview]

Daniel Irish Kanyerezi Mpagi aka ‘Kyebandula’ is the new voice on Capital FM’s Sunday Inspiration show.

He also hosts the K-T 20 on Saturdays. Johnson Grace Maganja sounded him out:

Have you always wanted to be a media personality?

I completed a diploma in Journalism from Kampala International University recently. Actually I wanted to be a judge! But over time, I loved listening to radio personalities Roger Mugisha, DJ Alex and Christine, DJ Ronnie and Allan [Cantankerous, R.I.P]. I liked the way they sounded.

During my S5 and S6 I had an opportunity to work on different radio stations and television programmes and that’s how I ended in the media.

What’s the secret about your deep voice?

Huh… .for that I can’t say..! I try to be myself naturally.

How about ladies stalking you?

I look at that as a compliment! They appreciate and I like to keep things casual.

Are you dating anybody?

I am single I will marry when the time is right! That is after I have built a house. I don’t want to subject somebody’s daughter to rent and my children to grow up in that environment.

So, what are the qualities of your ideal woman?

She must be God-fearing, [good-looking], social, a homemaker, a friend and somebody I can talk with about my problems.

What is the one thing people don’t know about you?

I never met my father. He passed on in the early 90s in UK. I only talked to him twice on phone.

So, where do you draw your strength to move on?

The best a parent can give one is a better education. It’s up to one to use it. I am ambition-driven. My parents lived their life it’s up to me to live mine. There are of course many people in my life who have inspired me. I have a passion to excel and become a better person in life. I am hungry for success.

What’s your great fear in life?

I fear anything that crawls from snakes, lizards… And failure.

Last word!

I count on the support and love of all my listeners. I am so grateful.

Source : The Observer

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