Kyatuheire Plots Political Comeback

Ousted in 2011, Jacqueline Kyatuheire, the former woman MP for Kanungu, is taking a shot at a political comeback.

She has started reaching out to her supporters and meeting highly influential persons in the ruling NRM. Kyahuheire was the woman MP for Kanungu district from 2002 to 2011 when she was trounced by little-known Elizabeth Karungi.

She has kept a low profile since, skipping most public functions. But recently she attended the official commissioning of the newly-built Uganda Nursing School Bwindi.

She met and shook hands with the guest of honour Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi who represented President Museveni. On June 3, she was part of the delegation of Kanungu district leaders who visited President Museveni at his home in Rwakitura.

At Rwakitura, she requested the president to tour her school St Teresa Girls College Calcutta in Kihiihi when he visits the district and the president accepted. She started the school in 2008 when she was still an MP and it has since become a leading senior secondary school in the district. It enrolls over 500 girls in O and A levels.

Kyatuheire has also started joining district gatherings and meetings. On June 23, she was part of the preparatory meeting for President Museveni’s visit in Kanungu.

Interviewed at the weekend Kyatuheire said: “I have been part of the team behind the development of Kanungu right from the time it was created so, I will continue working with the people and leadership for the betterment and development of Kanungu without hesitation when called upon.”

Asked if she was planning a comeback, she said: “It is the people to determine whom to vote for, but if requested, I will definitely offer myself.”

Source : The Observer

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