‘Kla-chics’ redefine social media madness

Kampala. You have probably been in a taxi at night only to look around and all people’s faces are lit-up with reflections from their smartphone screens. The smartphone craze is fast becoming an addition that even fans at the biggest local rugby encounter in Uganda between Heathens and Kobs can now afford to tend to their phones rather than watch the game. Never mind that scores of fans usually struggle to get in at Kyadondo or Legends for a game, the ones that do seem to have lots on their hands altogether. These four lucky ladies (pictured above) spent most of the 80 minutes or so at Kyadondo scrolling through their phones probably doing what they do best facebooking, tweeting and replying whatsapp messages.
They define the adage that ‘women are hard to understand’. We at SCORE wonder why one would choose to ignore a game of this magnitude, with seemingly small margins separating the two teams involved and the big hits. Such is the smartphone craze, that the girls are even no longer interested in marveling at the ruggers’ well built bodies. []

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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