Kisekka traders fight at police meeting

Kampala- Traders in Kisekka Market yesterday were involved in fist fights at a meeting convened by the Kampala Metropolitan community police department to mediate in wrangles over the redevelopment of the facility.

The meeting, chaired by the Kampala Metropolitan community Liaison Officer, Mr Anatoli Muleterwa, and attended by the Central Police Station divisional police commander, Mr Denis Namuwoza, ended within 30 minutes of starting after chaos erupted.

Mr Muleterwa said the meeting had been convened as an intervention between the leadership of the market and a group against the redevelopment.

“We want to help understand what the grievances are and see how best the issues can be handled before there is chaos,” he told traders who had gathered for the meeting.

A group against the management of Mr Robert Kisembo led by Mr Asadhu Bukenya had earlier written to the Minister of Trade seeking intervention on behalf of bonafide vendors of Kisekka Market.

According to the redevelopment plan, traders will be relocated to Namayiba Bus Terminal, which currently serves as a temporary taxi park.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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