Kigongo, partner disagree on sharing property

KAMPALA. The National Resistance Movement vice chairman, Hajj Moses Kigongo and estranged partner Olive Kigongo have failed to reach an understanding in negotiations over their multi-billion city hotel property.
The two parties failed to agree on appointing an independent property valuer to ascertain the actual value of the multi-billion Mosa Court Apartments located on Shimoni Road in Kampala.
Mr Kigongo accuses his partner of mismanaging the facility and says she wants to involve an international valuer which he finds too expensive.
According to our source, the couple appeared before Principle Judge Yorokamu Bamwine in closed-door proceeding in his chambers at the High Court yesterday to give him a report from the property valuer and auditor as they had agreed.
Justice Bamwine, as the Principle Judge only performs administrative functions and administrative oversight over fellow judges of the High Court, he is rarely given cases to hear or mediate. He therefore sent the matter to High Court for hearing after the two parties failed to reach an understanding.
Ms Kigongo ran to court seeking dissolution of the company to allow them share proceeds from it.
In her affidavit, Ms Kigongo claimed co-ownership of Mosa Courts Apartments with Hajj Kigongo and being his wife, she claimed her husband owned 85 per cent shares while she has 15 per cent.
In his response, Hajj Kigongo denied the allegation that they are married, and also denied the assertions that he chased her away insisting that she was the one who deserted her office. “I commissioned an audit into the company account to prove to court that she was the one running down the company due to her extravagant lifestyle,” Mr Kigongo wrote.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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