Kellar Marks Two Years

Two years ago, Radio City presenter McKenzie started an eventsublic relations company in a field where many companies don’t live to see their first anniversary.

McKenzie was all smiles last Saturday as Kellar PR celebrated two years. McKenzie held a plush party for his clients and fans at GattoMatto Lounge in Bugolobi. The party was held under the theme, Dreams and Cocktails. Comedian Alex Muhangi was the MC of the evening, thrilling fans with jokes throughout the evening. He was joined by Salvador, making a lethal combination that barely left a rib intact.

Irene Ntale also had a brief performance with her Gyobeera hit. McKenzie gave a brief speech about the struggle that he has had to go through. The rest was left to mixes by DJ Siza and Selecta Jay.

Source : The Observer

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