KCCA operatives should not inconvenience us

In their drive to show they can change Kampala, the new guard in KCCA have taken on actions that border what civilised people would call abhorable.

On April 9, I was shocked by an act that I feel is very selfish by KCCA. In the morning when everyone was rushing to office, we were hit by a motionless traffic jam from Namugongo Road. The traffic officers struggled to do their best.

Many people jumped out of taxis onto boda bodas. To my dismay, when we reached Banda we realised the cause of the jam was KCCA officers using smart phones to scan taxis. They stood in the middle of the road, blocking all traffic.

KCCA may have the mandate to collect revenue from taxis but they have to find an appropriate place and time to do it. Taxis in this country have a coloured band and can be easily identified. It would only need one or two traffic officers to wave every taxi to the side of the road and KCCA agents would check them instead of mounting a road block to block every vehicle on Jinja road at a rush hour.

Civilised authorities strive to make it easy for taxpayers to go about their business. URA is doing this and it is reaping well. Why doesn’t KCCA follow that example.

Godfrey Wampona,
Seeta Mukono

SOURCE: Daily Monitor