KCCA denies demolishing Kiseka market

KAMPALA. Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has distanced itself from the on going demolition of the Kiseka market.
Ms Jennifer Musisi, the KCCA Executive Director on Wednesday said the authority only issued a demolition permit and nothing more.
Alluding to reports that KCCA was behind the demolition of the Kiseka market, Ms Musisi said Kiseka traders must develop the market before the expiry of the lease that KCCA extended to them.
“We have heard some local media reporting that it is KCCA demolishing the Kiseka market but that is not a market under our management. It is fully managed by the traders themselves,” she said.
“We gave them a lease of five years to allow them develop the market and I hope they iron out their internal differences before the lease period expires to avoid KCCA recovering the facility to make it part of its managed markets,” she warned the traders.
Kiseka market traders were on Monday seen removing doors and rooftops of their lockup shops as the eviction deadline of December 31 moves closer.
The market is currently under demolition for redevelopment and there is no sign of any KCCA enforcement team as it has always been the case in most of the authority’s operations.
Ms Musisi, while highlighting the achieved and anticipated developments for the years 2014 and 2015 to journalists at City Hall on Tuesday, she said KCCA is committed to transforming Kampala and the public ought to support its programmes.
“What we are appealing to the public is that for KCCA to improve the image of the city the public should not take a back seat. We need them to be part of the development course,” she appealed.
Ms Musisi also revealed the Shs485 billion KCCA key plan for transformation of Kampala starting 2015, which includes improving tributary drainage channels in city suburbs and reshaping some road junctions to allow a smooth traffic flow.
KCCA’s 2014 achievements
KCCA has grown its revenue collection from Shs30b in 2011 to Shs70b this year. Asset for KCCA has grown from Shs45b to Shs450b for the last three and half years. Increased garbage collection from 12,000 tons to 35,000 tone and the health sector has seen an increase in patients handling shooting to 295, 632 in the outpatient units and 13, 247 deliveries with a total of 29, 733 attendances.
KCCA has constructed 72kms of road in total with the other 29km expected to be complete by June next year.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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