KCCA – Brief On Key Achievements for Fy201314 and Plans for 201415

KCCA reconstructed 14.6 Km of roads and made repairs and overlay on another 47.9 Km. upgraded from marrum to tarmac 27.45 Km while close to 200km of tarmac and gravel roads were maintained through periodic maintenance. In addition 20 km of pedestrian walkways were constructed and work on Jinja Road has progressed to about 80%.

In a bid to shift to more sustainable means of street lighting 98 units of solar street lights were installed as a pilot on Kabakanjagala, Nsambya Harnlon and Mbogo Roads. Construction of the Lubigi Channel was completed as well as de-silting and maintenance of Nakibubo Channel.

Public Health and Environment:

Under Public Health, we were able to attend to 327,130 out penitents, conducted 11,924 deliveries and attend to 34,212 antenatal care visitors fully immunized 6,403 children.

The monthly garbage collection at the landfill grew to 331,789 tons.

Education amp Social Services:

Under the Education and Social Services sector, KCCA increased enrollment in public primary schools, constructed 12 classrooms and 80 toilet stances in various schools and conducted 1300 school inspections. About 35% of PLE students in KCCA government aided schools passed in Division I.

Gender, Community Services amp Production:

Under the CDD programme, 266 community groups were supported benefiting 7,000 individuals. 1,294 urban farmers were provided with inputs under the NAADS programme, over 1,900 youth accessed venture capital under the Youth Fund. Production at the Kayanja Resource Center was set up with over 212 piglets born and distributed to farmers. The center trained 892 visitors on modern urban farming methods. On the community services side, a total of 1,033 probation cases were handled, over 1,000 labuor related cases and disputes settled.

Physical Planning:

A total of 2,848 building plan applications were processed and the average time taken to process plans was reduced from 60 days to 30 days while 4,344 land transactions were processed. Over 13,000 sq. meters of open green spaces and road islands were restored and beautified.

During the financial year 2,536 litigation cases were handled with success rate of 62% while 3,035 cases were prosecuted. Our social media channels reached out to over 270,000 people and over 300,000 participated in last year’s Kampala Festival.

Support from Partners:

We would like to recognize the contribution and support from the following partners World Bank, African Development Bank, Kfw (German Development Bank), German Federal Enterprise for International Corporation (GIZ), Belgian Technical Corporation (BTC), Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI), KIBO Foundation, British Council, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UN Habitat, Water Aid, AMREF, Living Earth, and Lake Victoria Environmental Management Programme among others.

Plans for FY201415:

The total budget request we have presented to Government for the financial year 201415 is UGX 268.76 billion with local revenue collections projected to contribute UGX 94.47 billion (35%).

We plan to continue focusing on infrastructure improvement including

Completion of road projects including Jinja Rd, Lugoba, Bahai and Kyebando Rds, Mutundwe Weraga and Wansanso roads, Kamuli link, Martyrs Rd,Lake Side, Mutungo 2, Lakeside, Radio Maria and many others. Construction of roads under KIIDP II will also commence including dualling of Makerere Hill Road, Bakuli-Kasubi- Namungoona as well as traffic improvement and signalization of Fairway junction, Nakulabye and Kabira junctions.

Rehabilitation of school and health facilities:

Completion of the upgrade of Kawempe and Kiruddu Hospitals.

Key Upcoming Events:

Population and Housing Census in August 2014

City Festival

Future of Cities Forum


Inadequate funding for critical sectors like revenue mobilization and physical planning and development control

KCCA inherited a big number of old and dilapidated public school infrastructure which requires significant resources to rehabilitate and expand

High litigation costs arising from cases inherited from KCC

High compensation costs that escalate the cost of infrastructure development.

Theft and Vandalism of public assets

Source : The Independent

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