Kayihura Outlines 3rd Term Priorities

Shortly after he was vetted by parliament’s appointments committee last week, police chief General Kale Kayihura ticked off new priorities in the next three years he will be in charge.

Kayihura, who has been Inspector General of Police since 2005, told journalists at parliament shortly after his three-hour interface with MPs that he wants to focus on providing quality service to the people by sorting out lazy officers.

“I want to see community policing emphasised, fighting rape and child sacrifice, gender-based violence and, most importantly, I want to solve the problem of accommodation and improving the welfare of police officers,” he said.

Kayihura also attempted to defend himself against widespread allegations that he is an unrepentant NRM cadre who is bent on militarising the police.

“I am not militarising the police, I am giving it capability to deal with criminals do you want police to respond to AK47 guns with a baton,” he said.

On being biased towards NRM, he said: “I have no problem with the opposition and I am not discriminative. I serve them, and I will be ready to serve all people because I love Uganda.”

Kayihura also rejected claims that Ugandans are fed up with him, saying those tired of him are “the thieves and thugs whom I hunt down.”

Asked about the proceedings inside the appointments committee, Kayihura said:

“Well, I was asked about my record and why I want my term [as IGP] to be renewed, I answered to the best of my ability, and I obviously hope for the best.”

Source : The Observer

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