Kasiki that the bride attended

I t is your last night out as a bachelor. In a few days it will be your wedding day and yes, there are crazy and calm friends who expect to have a goodbye-moment with you.
You can opt to hold a kasiki, (bachelor party) on your wedding eve at a favourite hangout or at home depending on the crowd you want to attract. Let me share my experience of when I got a chance to be part of a bachelor’s party at club Guvnor a few months back.
Like I had always seen in movies where the groom to be is availed with female company such as strippers or topless waitresses, it wasn’t anything close to that on this day. Drinks were on the house for everyone and anyone provided you had said the correct password in Runyankole, Eiraka rya Sheema to the bouncer accessed the club.
With music blaring away and the crowd growing by the minute, Raymond Kamugisha, the groom-to-be and his bestman Ronnie Ndyareeba, clad in red striped T-shirts and black pants plus moccasin arrived. The two moved together to every corner of the club greeting everyone who was part of the do. Without wasting time, the MC announced the groom’s presence and asked him to get to the dance floor. We cheered them on and the best man danced his heart out as a number of elegantly dressed girls did their best to steal the show. Dancing in circles while crouching was a sight.
Meanwhile, the groom pulled out bundles of cash which he splashed on the dance floor like in Nigerian movies.
Later, I saw an elegant woman watching from a distance. One of my friends told me she was the wife-to-be and yes, she had been invited to the do.
I commended her composure because her man danced vigorously with most females. Perhaps because it was his last day in bachelorhood. Drinks from all clans kept flowing from corner to corner. With the MC hyping the event, we danced pakachini until I felt tired. I retired to tell the story.

Make the best of a stag night
Have a simple party at home
You might want to save for honeymoon so why not have a simple, low budget bachelor party at a friend’s house? Invite your pals and drink the night away.
Take it to your favourite spot
We all have that one favourite hangout. It can be the gardens, a lounge or just any ordinary bar. If you can afford, you can book the whole venue for just your bachelor party, invite your circle of friends.
Go to the casino
Are you filthy rich? If the answer is yes, then casinos are the best places for you to spend your bachelor party with your ‘boys’. You may hit a jackpot and have a blissful honeymoon.
– Emmy Omongin

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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