Kasasa shows why rugby is a game of gentlemen

KAMPALA. In a game that always stirs tempers and brings out animosity, chances of handshakes between opponents at the end of the game are bound to be minimal. When Heathens hosted reigning Nile Special Rugby Premiership champions Kobs on Saturday at Kyadondo, the game did not disappoint at all. It was a full package on show with action, flare and brute. But at the end of it all, Heathens piped Kobs at the death courtesy of a Michael Wokorach try. Kobs fans and players felt undone by the referee’s poor officiating throughout the 80 minutes. As a way of showing their disappointment on how the game had been handled, they decided to shun the customary handshake at the end until National 7s coach Yayiro Kasasa convinced Kobs captain Brian Odongo to talk his teammates into making the short trip to the middle and share the customary handshake and commiserations with the Heathens players at the end of match.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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