Kamya blasts opposition for focusing on Museveni


Former Presidential aspirant and Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) boss, Olive Betty Kamya, has warned the opposition against putting their efforts towards removing President Yoweri Museveni because ‘he is not Uganda’s problem.’“Our colleagues in the opposition are focusing so much on removing President Museveni, yet he is not the problem. If you single out Museveni as the problem, he will go away but Uganda’s problems will not,” Kamya said on Tuesday while addressing a media briefing at UFA’s headquarters in Rubaga, Kampala.Kamya said that there was a time when Obote, and Amin were perceived to be the problem of Uganda but when they were removed the real problems of the country remained. She said that even if the opposition worked hard and removed Museveni but remained with 54 MPs, their leader would be impeached in just two weeks.“We keep singing the same song, thinking that the person occupying state house is the problem. We need to go to the drawing board as a country and discuss Uganda’s problem, only then can we move forward.”Electoral Reforms not the main issueKamya said that while she supports electoral reforms, they will not do much because they focus on one institution the Electoral Commission (EC) and leave President Museveni with over 200 other institutions to do whatever he wishes with the country.“For me the most important institution is Bank of Uganda because that is where the President gets the money he splashes around and therefore fighting the EC is trying to hit a tiny end of the snake and leaving out the larger part.”She said that the whole constitution needed to be changed because it is designed for the incumbent to win.Kamya also accused parties under the IPOD for sidelining the smaller parties. “We tried to talk to them after the elections but the attitude they gave us showed that smaller parties were not worth talking to. Have you seen Bidandi or Dr Bwanika involved in the campaigns?”


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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