Kampala Minister Welcomes Justice Kavuma Ruling

In light of the latest ruling on the Erias Lukwago saga, with Justice Steven Kavuma on Monday quashing the earlier decision of Justice Lydia Mugambe that had restored the embattled Lord Mayor to his office following a botched impeachment process last year, the minister for the Presidency and Kampala City Frank Tumwebaze issued the following statement:

I welcome the ruling and the order of the court of appeal staying implementation of the earlier order given by the high court judge until our substantive appeal is heard and disposed of.

As I have said then, while we respected the justice Mugambe ruling we disagreed with it fundamentally on basic principles of law and natural justice.

I maintain the impeachment of the former Lord Mayor was done in accordance with the law and we shall prove with evidence that whatever actions we did as the government officers commanded by the KCCA law to act, was all in accordance with the law and that we were executing our statutory obligations and nothing else.

I hope my friend Erias Lukwago and his allies in the opposition will respect the ruling of this appellant court, as they always want others to, and prepare for a full scale legal contest, without trying to seek quick wins through legal short cuts.

Frank Tumwebaze, MP:

Minister in charge of the Presidency and Kampala Capital City, Government of Uganda.

Source : The Observer

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