Kalangala residents fear drowning more than HIV

Kalangala. Residents of the island district of Kalangala fear drowning in water more than HIV. This discovery comes at a time Kalangala landing sites have been reported to have the highest HIV prevalence in the district.

Kalangala District HIV Focal Person Edward Muwanga told journalists on Tuesday that a recent district survey conducted by Kalangala District HIV Task Force showed that the HIV prevalence had reached 40 per cent at landing sites where prostitution and alcohol abuse is high.

He singled out the landing sites of Bufumira and Mainga sub-counties as places where residents are most notorious for not using condoms and where the general attitude towards HIV is that it is “a slow killer” and not as dangerous as the risk of drowning while fishing on the lake.Dr Muwanga added that the HIV prevalence rate is higher among women than men.

He, however, said the entire district HIV prevalence rate is between 23 per cent and 25 per cent which he attributed to immigration of women who are often HIV carriers to the islands to engage in sex trade.


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