Kabangu’s return to form elevates Falcons


The Serge Kabangu who came to the YMCA court on Sunday is the one Falcons have not seen in a quite a while, the one who helped them reach the finals last December.

In his first season here, the Congolese-born forward was stellar as a side-kick to the six-time champions’ main offensive weapons. As Philip Ameny, Abdullahi Ramadhan and Stephen Omony dominated the show, Kabangu established himself as the silent killer, becoming quite reliable.

Ameny and Dulah left for Tiger Head Power. His responsibility was immediately elevated only that he hasn’t played like he had noticed the change just yet. If Sunday is anything to go by, Kabangu is revitalized.

stronSeason highstronHe scored a season-high 21 points and 17 rebounds to bury his struggles as Falcons stalled Warriors recently found momentum in an 82-77 victory. Warriors had won their last two, including beating Power 102-92. He did a bit of everything to assume the responsibility of being Falcons’ premier scorer inside the arc even if some incessant three-point attempts could have been avoided.

With Herbert Akhitah ejected in the second quarter, someone had to take charge and Kabangu obliged like many times last season. Kabangu dwarfed Syrus Kiviri’s 21 points and five rebounds, Jonah Mukwaba’s 15 and Steven Mwesigye’s 11 and seven rebounds.

Coach Sam Obol’s team led for large periods and even when Warriors tied it at 68-up and 74-all late in the fourth, Kiviri was there to finish the job. There was no shame in the way Warriors lost even if coach Gad Eteu will know consistency must be found sooner following their lethargic start to the season.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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