Kabale hospital moves to decongest facility

Kabale Regional Referral Hospital authorities have stopped caretakers of admitted patients from carrying mattresses in a bid to reduce congestion at the health facility.

The hospital director, Dr Placid Mihayo, said on Monday the move is aimed at discouraging patients from the practice of coming to the hospital with many and unnecessary caretakers who congest the wards and hospital corridors.
He said the congestion results in easy spread of infections and diseases.

“We are discouraging patients from coming with so many caretakers that end up contracting infections because of squeezing themselves with patients. Caretakers can come with mats,” Dr Mihayo said.

Dr Mihayo added that plans to provide meals to patients are under way so that the tendency by caretakers to litter the hospital compound with fire wood, utensils and food stuff stops.

Ms Margret Kabode, a patient at the facility, welcomed the decision, saying some caretakers carry mattresses infested with bedbugs which end up spreading all over the hospital community. She said others come with mattresses reeking urine and end up polluting the hospital environment.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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