Kabale Christians withdraw case against CoU, diocese

KABALE. The two Christians who had sued Church of Uganda and the Diocese of Kigezi over the alleged improper election of the Rt Rev George Bagamuhunda, as the new diocesan bishop, have withdrawn the case. The two say there is need for reconciliation in the church for the good and development of the diocese.

Mr Godfrey Binaisa and Mr Cyrus Kyomukama last year sued the church over allegations that the Rev Bagamuhunda had been irregularly elected as the bishop of Kigezi Diocese.

They filed a suit on December 4 seeking an injunction against the consecration of the Rev Bagamuhunda as new bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi that was being planned by trustees of the province of the Church of Uganda, the diocese and the outgoing bishop George Katwesigye in January.At the commencement of the hearing of the main suit on Wednesday, the petitioners announced they were withdrawing the case.

“For purposes of peace and tranquility, I hereby withdraw the main suit against my church as a way of reconciliation. We are no longer interested in this case and we hereby withdraw it,” Mr Binaisa said.

Justice Michael Elubu allowed the complainants to withdraw the case but ordered them to pay costs to the defendants.Lawyers of the defendants said they had no objection to the withdrawal but insisted they must be paid costs.Bishop Bagamuhunda was elected by the House of Bishops on August 1 last year.The bishop-elect, who defeated Rev Can Geoffrey Byarugaba, had at the time of his election been appointed the Provincial Secretary at the Province of Church of Uganda in Kampala.

He is the fifth Bishop of Diocese of Kigezi. However, even with the case hanging over his head he had been consecrated on January 19 at St Peter’s Cathedral Rugarama in Kabale.

ForgivenSpeaking during the consecration, Bishop Emeritus Rev George Katwesigye said those who had gone to court challenging the consecration of Rev Bagamuhunda would be forgiven without any due consideration to the outcome of the case.


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