Just How Small Are Your Balls?!

Once upon a time, a long time ago, the grapevines were rife with stories of relationships breaking up because the guy discovered the girl was more educated or that she earned more.

Two decades ago, we nodded our understanding and sympathy. Yes, of course the man would feel insecure, his position was being usurped, and whatever other excuse we could come up with to make sense of it. But that was a long time ago, right?

So how come in this fourteenth year of the 21st century, we still have couples going through rocky patches or completely crashing on account of academic papers or bank balances? Do you know just how low your self-esteem would have to be to ask your wife to turn down a promotion because it would mean she earns more than you do?

Come on guys! Think about it. Economically, there would be more income for the household now you can save for those new golf clubs or farmland or a cow. If she is earning more, your quality of life is also going up. Socially… do you not feel a certain pride when your woman is ‘it’?

Now, you can throw in the whole ‘Women will hide their money from you’ and ‘If she gets promoted she will be spending more time with the boss who is potentially competition’ and such other brilliant arguments. But those are minor details that can be ironed out if you know how to handle your woman right.

The only women who keep secret nest eggs are those who do not trust their men anyway. They live in the very real fear that someday you will run off and take the roof of the house with you. Or worse, that you are using her money to build another woman’s house. We have all heard those stories we got wiser.

We make exit plans. Love and treat us right and we shall bring not just the bacon but the whole pig and not spend any unnecessary time with the boss in the process. Kudos to this one guy who sent his wife off to study in the UK while he took care of their one-year-old son.

Two years later, she came home with a master’s degree and a huge government contract. She didn’t run off with some Englishman and he didn’t shack up with the housemaid. She earns probably ten times what he does with his Makerere degree, but they are still happily married. What was the magic? Love, trust and all that but also, I believe, it has to do with him owning a sizeable pair.

We all dream of a man who is so confident of his manliness that no amount of success by his woman is a threat. For those of you who are far from being that man, if it bothers you so much, go back to school, have a career change, set up your business…

Do anything, but do not ask us to be less than we could be just so that you can be assured that your balls are bigger than they really are.

Source : The Observer

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