Judiciary warns against donor dependence


The Judiciary is willing to help the tax body increase its revenue collection on the grounds that it is time the country washed her hands off the donor dependence.

According to Principal Judge Yorokamu Bamwine, the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) on its own cannot take on this challenge of ensuring 100 per cent revenue collection.

Speaking at URA workshop on emerging trends in tax law and tax administration at Lake Victoria Serena Resort yesterday, Justice Bamwine, said URA and the tax tribunal cannot succeed in executing their mandates without the support of the other state agencies, including the Judiciary.

He said: “It is common knowledge that with time some development partners have suspended, or withdrawn their budgetary support. It is appropriate that URA has adopted a spirited approach and means of ensuring that gaps in our revenue collection system are sealed.”

He continued: “With this sort of training, the Judiciary can also help URA in sealing those gaps so that Uganda can also stand on its own and develop like other countries, notably the far Eastern countries whose governments depend to a large extent on taxes and their frugal utilisation.”

Previously, the role of Judiciary in revenue collection was only pronounced in the collection of graduated tax, which has since been abolished. The URA Commissioner General, Ms Doris Akol, said URA will reach out to all stakeholders with a view to engage them on their responsibilities towards tax obligations.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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