IUIU locks out Christian student with Muslim name

The Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) Mbale campus, has rejected admitting a Christian student for bearing a Muslim name, accusing her of abusing the pillars of the Islamic faith and undermining the Muslim community.

Ms Madina Wanyenze had sought admission to pursue a diploma in Business Administration for the August 201415 intake but she was locked out by the academic registrar’s office last month.
Although Ms Wanyenze said her name appeared on the admission list, it was ring circled with instructions that her religion be investigated.
When it was discovered that she is a Christian bearing a Muslim name, her admission was withheld pending explanation from her parents.

Ms Wanyenze said she was born to a Muslim family but brought up by her maternal grandmother who is a Christian but authorities insisted that her parents be summoned to explain why she changed her religious affiliation.
“I have never been to a mosque since my childhood but my father gave me the name Madina because he is a Muslim. I grew up with my maternal grandmother who is a Catholic and I am also a Catholic,” Ms Wanyenze said.
Mr Yusuf Kigenyi, Ms Wanyenze’s father, said his daughter changed to Christianity because her maternal relatives brought her up, adding that he could not restrain her from professing a religion of her choice.

Mr Kigenyi admitted he was summoned by the university authorities about his daughter’s religion before she could be admitted but said his daughter could not be subjected to scrutiny like a criminal yet she can be admitted elsewhere without religious discrimination.
“I do not see a reason why a university can reject admitting a student because she is a Christian with a Muslim name,” Mr Kigenyi said.

However, when contacted, the university spokesperson, Mr Shaban Lukoya, said the institution does not discriminate against religious affiliation when admitting students, adding that the allegation aimed at tarnishing the university’s image.
Mr Lukoya said the student could have failed Mathematics at O-Level which is a prerequisite for admission to any business related course at IUIU.

He said the university has admitted 34 per cent none-Muslim students this year hence no reason for Ms Wanyenze not to be admitted if she met the requirements.
Mr Lukoya said he will investigate the matter with the registrar’s office and find out under what circumstance the student’s admission was rejected.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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